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Processing of complaints

We hereby inform you, that the regulations of Government Decree 45/2014 (II.26.) shall not be applied to the purchases on our Website, since the scope of the Decree falls outside contracts with the subject of regularly delivering food products to the place of residence of consumers.

In circumstances where you experience any deficiencies of quality and aesthetic of the delivered products you ordered from us, you may notify us of this fact. For all complaints, photo evidence and the original invoice have to be provided by the customer. All complaints need to be raised within 5 days after delivery. Processing and evaluating requests may take up to 15 business days. Provided that we find your complaint acceptable, you may either chose to request a full or partial refund or ask us to re-deliver a replacement product to you free of charge. No refunds will be given for taxes, duties, tariffs and excise charges levied for overseas orders either for refunds or exchanged items. Our returns and exchanges policy does not cover damage resulting from unique, accidental, or random damage to a product.

If you have any complaints concerning our products, contact us on the following address:

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